Monday, November 14, 2011

Down South For The Eve of My Birthday

First stop, Trader Joe's. Always wanted to check it out. Also had to pick up some pineapple salsa for myself. If I feel like it, I may even share.

Shopping trip? Let's all go bananas!

It was a perfect day for a lil' road trip. The weather held up quite nicely.

 Seattle Premium Outlets. Ready.... on your mark... get set... go!

We decided to eat at the buffet at the Casino. Too. Much. Food. Was curious to try the yams with the marshmallow. See it in recipes all the time. Verdict? Not a fan. Prefer my yams plain.

Was accompanied by Karen and my brother (not pictured). Good times!

The damage done by three people. Loading in our goodies. Sooo incredibly happy with our finds! Karen tried taking everything out of their bags to fit everything. You think the trunk is full enough?

Where did all our outlet goodies go? You thought the previous photo was full, look at it now. This was after our final stop : Costco. (Yes, all those feminine hygiene products on display ... not like it's a surprise we buy those things is it?).

With our wallets lighter and mood giddier with all our finds, we were ready to head home! 12 hours later. 

One successful trip! 

Who wants to go again?

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