Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jayesslee Concert

I'm not sure how I started following their videos. It might have been a link from other singers I follow on youtube. Or a post from friends on facebook. Regardless, I've been watching Jayesslee videos on youtube for a while. I love their voices - so clean and beautiful. And I love their accents! (They're Australian). I've always been a closet "fan" of these talented singers on youtube. Quite often, I'm completely blown away by their performances. I've posted a few videos I used to watch here.

It was my coworker who told me that they'd be in town at the end of the week to perform. At first, I shrugged and figured I'd be working anyway. Anything that last minute, I never have the time. But, upon checking my schedule, I happened to have the day off. So, I sent out a few text messages to see if any friend was free... already expecting that everyone else would be working. Luckily, Kat was!

So, after dinner, Ray dropped Kat and I off at the Croatian Centre. Right at the end of the line-up. The line-up was so long that it poked out of the building, down to the parking lot, across the parking lot and onto the street. I nearly felt like I was in a time machine for a second and teleported back 5 to 10 years ago. Standing in line of a Chinese varsity club event with a bunch of hundreds and perhaps thousands of younglings. Anyway, not that I was bothered by it at all. I'd like to think my friends and I can still blend in well... even if I'm maybe just lying to myself. Regardless, we did bump into several people (our age) that we know.

Side note : The first photo was of our spot at the end of the line, right infront of those houses. That area was completely dark. Not very well lit at all. The sky was definitely not blue, but black. But, I was able to take this photo. Love my LX-5.

Kat and I

Second side note : Perhaps I should consider wearing a bit of make-up so I don't scare people with my ghostly pale face. And... also learn how to take head shots.

Honestly, I was super excited. Like a teenager going to their first concert. It's something a little different from what I've been up to. And it's something I've been wanting to do for a while. Checking out these independent artists. Kat and I both took photos of the poster taped to the front door. I don't know if the security guard was mocking us or if he was for real... but he said, "Really nice poster eh?", when he saw us both with our camera and phones. 

The seating was first come first serve. We thought we were early arriving 40 minutes before the show... but we were this far! (Again, it was pretty dark inside... but I was able to get this shot. Did I mention I love my LX-5?).

The pre-show took two hours! There was an eclectic violinist, a rapper from South Africa, and a guitarist from Eastern Canada. I quite enjoyed them all. Fantastical musicians. (Yes, I realize I made up the word "fantastical"). The guy sitting next to me kept saying "wow" throughout the show. How did that guitarist move his fingers like that?? Seriously! Amazing!

After a short short intermission, Jayesslee took the stage! 

I love, love, love their singing. Even more so live than over youtube. I loved their rendition of every cover that they sang. Including their original scores.

They shared a very honest story about their mother passing due to cancer. And how God gave them strength to find peace within themselves. Then followed with singing a song that was playing on a CD player moments before their mother passed away. I choke back my tears. 

You could hear a pin drop in the room. It was eerily silent at the end of the song. 

I love every bit of the concert. I was so glad I went. Kat thoroughly enjoyed it too. Ahh, I would pay that $30  once more to sit through it all over again. It was one super fun night! 

And to boot...

They had a full tea bar at the concert! Tins and tins of loose leaf teas. Now, you know that is my kind of concert. :)

Check out their youtube videos if you haven't already! Here is their covers on "Break Even" and "Price Tag".

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