Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do You Believe In Signs?

I've been doing some Fall cleaning around my room. I need to clear off my desk so I could use it for some Christmas crafting. I figured, after Bran's wedding, the next thing to get excited over would be Christmas! And heck, let's give myself a three month build-up, so that I can enjoy it to its fullest. Plus, I like being ahead of the game when it comes to Christmas... so when it gets cold outside, I don't have to rushing around the mall or spending my time indoors making Christmas cards when I could be outside enjoying a Christmas In A Cup.

Meanwhile, Ming's been asking about Gym Nights with some of my friends. Now, I don't ever go. I don't play badminton. Racket sports and I don't mix. We're like oil and water. Like two left feet in a tango. Like salt and slugs. Ehh, you get the picture... so, I told Ming he can go on his own. 

While reading the info email, they mentioned that halfway through the night, they'll switch to volleyball. Hmm, now that I play. No, correction. That I used to play. But honestly, it's been at least half a decade. Maybe I should keep rusty me away from team sports. 

...And go back to cleaning. Just as I was folding up clothes (so I could see my chair again), I found these at the bottom of the pile.

I kid you not. I haven't seen these knee pads, like I said, since at least half a decade ago. Volleyball is calling me... 

.... hah. Not.

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