Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's Share - Edible Flours Bakery


**WARNING : Long post.

I had one super duper tough work week. This week will go down in my book of work week history as one of the busiest. I swear I was on autopilot mode the last three days. Just keep truckin' along, the week is almost over, I told myself. It would be past 1am and Ming would ask why I was still up. 

"I don't want work to come so soon again! I just got off work," I replied, completely dreading the chaos that I know will be waiting for me in the morning.

"Well, if you go to bed now, weekend will also come sooner."

I am like a child. That got me sleeping in no time. That was how malfunctioning I was.

Anyway, the week ended off not too shabby. I had clinic days, which meant leaving my chaos of a store, and travelling across town to sit in my own office space and chat with people one-on-one. This time it was on the topic of osteoporosis.

I know I've said it before... on the whole, I do love clinic days. It is a break from my everyday. Y'know, I see it as me being a teacher. An educator. Where I be a part of linking doctors and nurses to the public, and teaching people about their general health and medications. But until the day that the public and the government accepts that this is what we're valued to do, this is still only just a part-time gig for me.

But what you may not understand is, through these sessions, I get to learn a thing or two myself. I get to meet people from all walks of life. And quite often, (esp. with a topic like osteoporosis and my patients tend to be older), these are people with life experiences. And more often than you may guess, when given a good amount of time to chat, these people love to share.

Two particular stories stood out today.

This lady is in her 90's. ( You may be just as surprised as me how many 90 year old's I've met and are both strong and healthy). She was telling me that she will be celebrating her husband's 100th birthday next week. She shares that aside from Alzheimer's, he too is very healthy. She had written a card for him for their 60-something wedding anniversary. He had read it, and moments later, forgot what he's read. And she would let him read the card over and over again. This took a while, but after some repetition, he finally read it and got it. He took her hand and squeezed it. She said, that was when she knew he understood her card... and said "Happy Anniversary" back to her.

Another one is from a man in his 70's. When asked if he's broken any bones easily after the age of 40, (that was part of their assessment questionnaire), he laughed. Yes, indeed he did. He said he was drunk, as there weren't many moments that he wasn't... and he was on a bike and was hit by a car. He went flying and landed on cement, and broke his arm in many places. He shares his story of being an alcoholic for 48 years. "Those people on Main and Hastings? They're my buddies. I was one of them." But he has since been alcohol and smoke free for 8 years now.

I asked him, "How? How did you do it?".

He said, "You think you can't just snap out of  something like that, but that was how it happened. One day, I just woke up and realized, I have to clean myself up. You have to want it."

Because drinking was his full time job, he lost his wife and kids. Who have now become ex-wife and distanced kids. But, in the past couple of years, they have been inviting him over for Christmas dinner. He said, he feels sorry for those people still on Main and Hastings. They all too have family. But getting out of a rut isn't easy to do.

He then apologizes to me that he's taken up most of our time talking about himself, but he just can't help sharing his story because he is so proud of how far he's come.

"And you should be. Wow. Thanks for sharing your story."

After work, I decided to check out a bakery (as a "I deserve it" treat), and walked into Edible Flours Bakery on West Broadway. They are a natural vegan bakery. The moment I walked in, this rich smell of yummy banana bread wafted over. Love the smell of baked goods. Their kitchen is literally right at the door. And the aroma from their baked goods fills their little shop. I was clapping my hands with delight... in my head.

If you know me though, you would know that one of my most favoritest baked goods is the carrot cake/muffin. I love them. They bring me back to childhood when my mom used to bake them a lot when we were kids. So, of course I had to get their carrot raisin muffin. No picture here, I consumed it before I could reach for a camera. It was gooood.

I took home two cupcakes. One was a lemon base with raspberry icing. The other was a chocolate with peanut butter filling.  I tried really hard to love them, but I think they tasted too healthy for me. Even the peanut butter in the centre tasted very.. "natural". I know that is their whole idea behind their baked goods, but not my thing when it comes to cupcakes. My brother agreed. We don't dislike them... but we certainly won't be craving them anytime soon.

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