Saturday, July 21, 2012

Absolutely All About Love

Marian and Justin... some of the most cheery, happy, and selfless people you could ever meet. Today, I was so lucky to get to attend their wedding.

It was a beautiful day. Even with the forecast showing rain, the sun came out to play. We all arrived at the church, settled in, and the musicians started to play. The flower girl and ring bearer were so cute but shy, slowing making their way down the aisle with everyone oogling at how cute they are. Marian walked in with her father... smiling (as always) and saying hi to everyone she walked passed. She was absolutely stunning. Down the aisle, you can see Justin choking back tears. As Marian approached, he gave her a big, teethy grin. It's so Marian and Justin. Always happy. Always playful. 

The priest told personal stories about each of them, making a lot of people in the room cry happy tears. He threw a few jokes that made everyone laugh. He even did an impersonation of Marian. He copied her energetic spirit and her peppy voice and said, "I still remember the day she came in, and said 'Hi! I'm getting married!'", waving his hand just how Marian would. 

He also said "Marriage isn't all about clouds, rainbows, and cotton candy... there will be days when you will feel "auuggghh"... and during those moments when you feel "aauuuuggh", ask yourself, 'Is this really a big deal?'. If it isn't, then let it go." 

When the time came to exchange vows, Justin lost it. Tears streaming down his face. Marian fanned Justin's face with her hand to no avail. Then the priest also fanned Justin with his hand.... and the whole church chuckled.. Throughout the entire ceremony, beautiful church hymns and vocals filled the air. 

Once the ceremony was done, and Marian and Justin walked out of the church together as husband and wife, the church was still quiet. We all heard Marian outside proclaiming, "Hehehe...Yayyyy!", in her ever so chirpy voice. Again, the church broke out in laughter.

That seems to always be the case when you're around Marian. At work. Outside of work. Anywhere. There is always laughter. 

This was exactly what her mother said in her speech at the reception. Her words put together so well. Expressing how very thankful and happy she is to have a daughter like Marian. Always so kind and caring, and brings happiness wherever she goes.

The banquet hall was beautiful. The head table had a backdrop of sparkles and was adorned with white orchids. Each guest table had three floral arrangements of white, pale pink, and soft romantic colours. On the side of the room, there was a yummy candy bar labelled "His" and "Hers". Outside in the lobby was a  fun photobooth. Their delicious tiramisu and champagne cake was from Thomas Haas. And on top, it was open bar. 

But the most beautiful thing was their speeches. Every word so touching. Every story so heartfelt. Marian tells the story of how she rejected Justin the first time. Even calling him a "sister" ('cause she thought him girly) to keep them in the friends zone. But later thanked Justin for being persistent. Their friendship later turned into love... and now marriage.

As the couple came around to toast every table, they didn't do it just out of tradition. They paused at every table and chatted their guests. Marian, the bride.. on her big day... made time and asked about my ankle/knee. That is Marian alright.

By the end, everyone was having a good time on the dance floor. I was spent. It was simple and fun. . It was absolutely all about love.

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