Sunday, July 8, 2012

Contagious Happiness (High Tea at the Fairmont, Aberdeen, And Screamers)

I was invited to share a lovely afternoon at the airport Fairmont Hotel indulging in some delicious high tea. I went with Kat and met up with Tina, Lyla, and a bunch of their friends that I've never met before. Tina is Will's wife; Will was one of my former dragonboat coaches. Lyla is their almost three-year-old daughter. Don't even know why I still mention that fact that he was my former dragonboat coach. We've been friends longer than we were coach and student. But anyway, this was an all-girls event. Will so eagerly declined to join us too. Their friends all brought along their daughters and we were going to have a blast at tea.

We started off with a very refreshing fruit cup.

We got a chance to smell the tea leaves before we chose which one we wanted. Some of us went with earl grey. Others went with a maple black tea. And I went with chai. 

With high tea, I always enjoy the savories the most. Along with a good pot of tea. And these savories at the Fairmont were actually some of my favorites. The scones are always delicious with the devonshire or clotted cream. By the time I get to the dessert, I'm already too full. Too bad high tea is not quite like how it is in London... where the savories are refillable and you can choose several different flavours of tea (to one person). No, I'm not greedy. Hah.

If Karen saw this photo, she may exclaim, "Have I taught you nothing?? Jam before the cream!". The proper English way to do it is apparently to put the jam on first. I'm too used to buttering it like my toast... fats first, then jam.

The food was delicious and the teas were yummy. Unfortunately, the service was horrible. Our tea pots were refilled with water from the coffee pots so our teas ended up tasting like coffee. We didn't get any napkins. It took forever to flag someone down. 

Kat had brought stickers and water tattoos for each of the girls. Of course, they wanted to put them on right away. So in the midst of high tea, the moms were all busy patting on tattoos for their daughters.

Lyla wanted a flower on her leg. 

I thought it was pretty funny. But they were all so cute. 

Then moments later, this happened. Everyone disappeared. The girls all needed a potty run. Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

I don't know if I want kids myself one day, but I do enjoy listening in on their parenting stories. Modern moms and their modern parenting skills. It makes for great stories. The kids were so cute. Even when they were fighting over a single cupcake. 

After high tea, we went over to Aberdeen where all the boys and the dads were chilling. 

Look who I found at Aberdeen. This is Owen... Lyla's brother. Is Owen eating my hair?...

We put them all on the merry-go-round. 


Lyla sticks her tongue out at baby brother.

They all had so much fun. Who knew... at the Aberdeen food court.

On the way out, Lyla tugs on her daddy when she spotted this place. Put a token in, spin it, and a toy comes out. While everyone was waiting outside, I heard someone shout, "YES! I got one!". 

It wasn't Lyla. It was her dad. Will : "It's GUNDAM! I collect these!". Yah, okay. Who's the kid again?

... which of course leaves the duties of getting Lyla a toy to Kat. 

What Will did get for daugther Lyla is a big honkin' screamer. (Screamer : Ice cream + Slurpee). We left Aberdeen and headed down to Francis Rd. and Garden City where there's a corner store called Danny's. Lyla's screamer was the size of her head. And I got to try a screamer for the first time...

Do you think that's enough sugar for a two year old?

Mmm... Lyla enjoying her pineapple screamer. It matches her yellow dress. This was right before their long drive home to Redmond. Surprised if Lyla wasn't bouncing off walls or going for many potty runs after that drink...

No screamer for Owen but he's just as happy.

This looks like Will abusing his child but he was really trying to get Lyla to give him a fist pump. Lyla was too busy slurping on her screamer and couldn't be bothered. After many pleas to Lyla to give him a fist pump and being rejected, mommy Tina comes over and takes the screamer away from her and tells her she can't have it back until she fist pumps daddy. 

Hahahaha... they're hilarious. At least I found it funny. Lyla on the otherhand not only denied the fist pumping but threw a fit for her screamer. Oiy. :)

She was happy again. 

I wanted the orange crush creamsicle but it wasn't cold enough, so they gave me the melon instead. It was actually pretty good. Surprisingly not too sweet. But... I think I'm good for now. Not craving another.

It was one happy summer day.

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