Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Random Act of Kindness

I was tidying up my room and I found this. Every time I catch a glimpse of this, it makes me smile inside. It's because it reminds me of a random act of kindness from a long while ago. 

I ran a different blog about a decade ago while I was going through university and then living on the island. Much like this blog, it was about very random things. I can't remember how I got into a conversation with a friend about the MoMA in New York, and I began to surf their website just for fun. I don't necessarily "get" modern art, but I appreciate it. Very random and sometimes unexplainable things that people find attractive, what's wrong with that? 

Anyway, on their website was this salt and pepper shaker. Back 10 years ago, I somehow fell in love with them. I don't really get it now, but I suppose it's cute. C'mon, they're hugging. And no, I don't use salt and pepper shakers at home... so why I would want one, I really don't know. Regardless, I posted a picture, much like this one, on my then blog... raving about how cute I thought it was and how much I wanted it.

Months later, a friend handed me these salt and pepper shakers, and told me it was from a friend of his. Someone I've heard of because of our mutual friends, but I've never met. I believe she was a stewardess... I'm not really sure still. But I know she traveled a lot for work. My friend said to me, "Don't get too excited. It's not from New York. I think it's a rip-off from Thailand." 

I didn't care. What I love even more than the salt and pepper shaker now is that random act of kindness. She read my blog. I had no idea. And during her travels for work, she spotted these and decided to get it for me. Someone I don't know at all wanted to make my day... and she totally did. Because she didn't know me at all, she passed them on to a mutual friend to give it to me. To this day, I haven't formally met or talked to her. I did pass back, through our friend, a thank you card.

I still keep these visible in my room. And every time I see it, it reminds me... there are some really cool people in this world. Has anyone surprised you with a random act of kindness?

 It still means a lot to me. Thanks, Veronica.

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