Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sushi Bella

Bought a Living Social coupon almost half a year ago. With Japanese restaurants, I'm always in search for any hidden gems. These coupons let me try them out at a decent price. I always look up reviews and their website to check them out first. This time, it was Sushi Bella located on West 4th. 

The decor of the restaurant was nice and comfortable. The menu was neatly laid out. They have quite a few of their own innovative rolls. We tried most of what was recommended by our waiter. In pictures are : the Bella Tower, agadeshi tofu in three different styles, the Ocean Dream roll, the Lady Mango roll, and the original sushi pizza. I found everything quite fresh and delicious. I quite liked the marinated mushroom layer in the Bella Tower, and enjoyed the three flavours of agadeshi tofu. The crunchy yet chewy rice of the "crust" for the pizza was different. 

We got there pretty early when the restaurant was still empty. By the time we ordered, the restaurant was packed. If I was in the area and craving sushi, I'd definitely go back to Sushi Bella again. 

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