Friday, July 13, 2012


Out of all activities I love to do, swimming, especially in a community pool, wasn't one of them. The last dozen times I swam was probably somewhere tropical. Or, a pool on a cruise boat. Or, even in a tank of sharks. But not in a community pool. Don't like the chlorine. Don't like the crowd. Don't like the big ordeal of lugging a lot of things to change and shower.

Anyway, things change. I was craving to do something active. Since running, yoga, and a whole bunch of other things are out of the question because of my injuries, my physio gave me two options : swim or cycling. I tried yoga on my little getaway to the Okanagans, and I did most of the class with several variations of different poses from the instructor when she found out about my injuries. I was so disappointed and sad when I couldn't even do a simple child's pose, since bending and sitting on my knee like that did not feel right. Anyway, I did yoga. And I felt great that I did. But by night, my ankle was twice the size.

So... since I need to go and pick up my bike in order to go cycling, I had no choice but to go swim. I just needed that kick in the butt to go. Kat did just that by being my swim partner.

And y'know what? Swimming in a community pool isn't so bad after all. It felt really nice to be in the water again. Even if there was a bit chlorine. Luckily, it wasn't crowded. Being in the water gives me that feeling of freedom. We did several laps. Stopped and bobbed around in the water. Then went back to do more laps. When we both got out of the pool, our legs were a little wobbly. Hey, it's been a while...

I felt my injuries when I was in the water. Now and then with a kick, I felt a twang in my knee or my ankle. But, I strongly believe it helped it. Can't wait to go again.

(Bought those goggles when I was in Singapore. Did a bit of swimmin' there. Everytime I wear it, it brings back the memories of the good ol' times).

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