Friday, July 27, 2012

London 2012

Ahh... I love the Olympics. Growing up, it was one great family affair where we'd glue ourselves to the TV watching every sporting event we can. We rooted (of course) for Canada, but also end up rooting for other athletes after getting to know them through competition. After the weeks of medal counting and a great spectacle splattered across our TV screen, the closing ceremony always brings a bittersweet kind of feeling... not wanting it to end. Then we'd wait another two years for the next one.

Love the sports. Love the stories of dedication and perseverance. Love the hardcore. But what I also love most is the many countries around the world getting together to share these moments and celebrate. All through sports.

Watching the opening ceremonies for London 2012 brings back the great memories of Vancouver 2010. Ahh, it was seriously one of the most joyous and vibrant the city has ever been. I soaked it all up visiting as many Olympic sites as I could. When I wasn't at work, I was out there celebrating with the world. My friends and I enjoyed the Coke Pavillion so much, we must have went there at least three times. We went around collecting the pins as they were handed out. We got to watch free outdoor concerts. We ziptrekked over Robson St. We got together and watched Sidney Crosby score the winning goal for the hockey gold medal. We lost our voices screaming. The entire city exploded. We got to watch some of the paralympic events live. We watched the figure skaters practice. At the end of it all, my brother and I paid a shiny penny for tickets to the closing ceremony. We both reminisced on it today, meaning money well spent. It was all so memorable.

While watching the opening ceremony on TV, I jumped on my rotary disc. It helps work on your core. It's been hiding for a while now, packed away since my Victoria days. Time to whip it back out. Perhaps the Olympics will serve as motivation.

If you're curious about the rotary disc, here is a link from

Go Canada Go!

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