Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crab King

It's Maria's birthday today! But we celebrated it over the past weekend.

It was warm every other day, but on a cooler night, a bunch of us headed out to Steveston to dine at the Crab King for the celebration.

The sun was setting and the breeze was blowing. The Crab King is a floating restaurant right next to the famous Pajo's. 

The seating is outdoors facing a view of the marina. Everyone gets their own special utensils.

That's Karen being nice to the birthday girl.

The seafood is literally fresh off the boat. Hah.

The food was so fresh and yummy. There was crab, muscles, clams, corn, sausages, potato, fries, shrimp, and corn. Unlike Crab Pot in Seattle, the food isn't dumped onto the table, but rather just served to you in a large bowl. Mmm... 

Karen looks confused.

Even baby Sarah made it out (sitting in her carrier underneath the heat lamp which the parents spent a good deal of time arranging for her). 

I would go again. Maybe on a hot day. And finish it off with some Steveston ice cream.

This time for dessert, we got a delicious mango cake. 

Happy Birthday, Maria!

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