Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sarah's One Month

The celebrations are only just beginning. With all the babies and kiddies, there's going to be a lot more birthday parties, Christmas presents, and all the fun kid things. Today was Sarah's one month celebration. The family held a banquet dinner at Kirin. There was tables of close family and friends. Little Sarah was passed from arm to arm.

Last week was Matty's one month celebration. His family also held him a banquet dinner but to at Fraser Court. The 18 tables reception felt almost like a wedding because there were so many people. Everyone also crazy happy with such a joyous event. 

Anyway, for Sarah's one month, along with a monetary gift, I also gave her a pair of shoes. While I was in Vegas with Ming back in March, we found a whole bunch of really adorable baby sports shoes. I think we spent as much time staring at the wall of baby shoes as we did adult shoes for ourselves. We ended up both buying a pair of really cute red Pumas. He bought it for his friend, Cheryl's baby girl. And mine was saved for Sarah. 

They are so cute that I had to give the shoes a photoshoot before I gave them away.  They are a bit longer than the length of my palm. So tiny!


Happy Canada Day!

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