Monday, July 2, 2012

Tea Time

I've been looking for the perfect tea leaves strainer for some time now, and I think this one might be it. The problem with some of the tea strainers I have is : 1) it doesn't reach the bottom of the cup. Meaning, the tea leaves might not be fully submerged into the water. 2) it is hard to clean. Some of the tea strainers are meshy, which makes it hard to wash and get the tea leaves out. Or, the metal is so soft that it warps after use and wash. 3) Not big enough. Some of these strainers come in a spherical shape where you open it up, put the tea leaves in, and close it with a clasp. The ball is not any bigger than a golf ball. It's too small and cumbersome to fill.

This one has a big metal tea leaves holder with tiny holes. Its smooth surface allows for easy cleaning. It holds a whole lot of tea leaves if you wish. It isn't cumbersome to fill. Just pour in the leaves, and snap on the rubber top. Because it doesn't sit on the rim of the cups like some others do, this strainer goes all the way to the bottom of your cup, allowing full submersion of your tea leaves. And the cute leaf attached to the top of the rubber lid makes it easy for you to pull the strainer out of your cup when you are done steeping. I love it. I bought this baby from Silk Road, a tea shop in Victoria BC.

Tonight, I filled up my favorite tea strainer with one of my favorite teas. The chamomile bliss also from Silk Road.

Tea goes in the strainer...

...strainer goes in the cup...

... and now Mr. Irresistable Orange M&M has a green leaf sproutin' from the top of his head. 

And I get to enjoy a wonderful cup of warm chamomile tea. 

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