Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friend Like You

Matty and Glow Worm are best friends. Look at those cute, chubby fingers and dimples in his hand. He's so cute - I want to smoooosh him. Matty that is, not Glow Worm.

When you want to bake up an experiment, she'll lend you her kitchen. When your leg is injured, she'll go swimming with you to hopefully make it better. When you're blue, she'll take a walk with you. When you need someone to listen, she'll lend an ear. When you need company, she's ditched her plans for you. When you haven't eaten, she'll make sure dinner is ready for you. When she sees your true desire, she'll eagerly force you in the direction (even if towards a bike shop). I hadn't said much about what I needed. But somehow, I got it all. 

When you drop by to visit, you find her working on a project at home. " It's not finished. Something for you," she says. I didn't say much in return.

Honestly, the past two weeks have been nothing short of wonderful. I never said much of anything. Just going with all the spontaneity that we had. But deep down, I felt every ounce of your care. When there comes a moment when you realize a friend isn't as close to you as you thought they are, it stings. But when you do find a friend who cares about you as you them... it's amazing.

Thanks, Kat.

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