Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tristan @ 10 Months

This little monkey is growing so fast. Remember his two-month post

This baby boy is a curious little one. He'll fall into buckets, pull open drawers, and climb under tables. Nothing can stop him. He will crawl from corner to corner and pull himself up along tables, chairs, walls... any other object he can find. He loves smooshing his face against window panes and playpen netting. He is one big ball of energy. Leaving him in his playpen means he'll end up in a boxing match with himself, bouncing from side to side. The best of all... he's a happy little one. He'll get into these long contagious giggle fits that only makes you want to giggle along with him. His laugh is so ridiculously cute.

Love this little monkey. Can't wait to watch him continue to grow.

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