Thursday, June 16, 2011

At Earls

Dinner with coworkers at the Earls on Kingsway. I don't even really remember how I got to know these coworkers well enough to pick a random day for dinner. We all work at different locations and didn't really work together all that much. I suppose it might have been the PCP program that we're all in. We all run clinics for our company. Once a year, we have our annual meeting with management from H.O. and that's really the only time I see them and get our yearly update. Anyway, it was nice to come together one random night just for dinner. We're not only from different locations but different cities. So, we picked a middle point for everyone and I guess that happened to be Burnaby.

It was really cool. Updated on relationship statuses. (Not everyone's on facebook!). New additions to the family. Random work update. Living conditions. And even how one is coping after a sudden death of a coworker.

We should do this at least once a year! A midway point between our annual meetings. Thanks for the dinner invite, Connie and An! 

I had originally booked this night off to celebrate Jen's big birthday... but she's in Disneyland celebrating it with her husband.


I think it was 18 years ago today that I was at your parents' house for your birthday slumber party. Can you believe it? In a few more years, it will be you throwing slumber parties for your kids! No... you're not old :)

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