Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Okanagans

We took a 3-day trip to the Okanagans this weekend. I was basically fifth-wheeling. Bran and Dan made the plans to go up there for some engagement photos and of course our friends, Gurm and Allie were the photographer and professional lightstand.  I had no real purpose but just to tag along (as I always do) to get away.  I guess you could call me the behind-the-scenes photographer...

We started off our trip at whatever time we felt like and ended up close to Chilliwack near lunch time. Bran and Dan, the walking encyclopedias of fun and weird places to eat, suggested we try out the pies at the Chilliwack airport. They're known for their pies - who would have known! They also have typical diner food so we got our savouries too.

The airport itself is really small. From this restaurant, you could see all the runways. And at this "Airport Coffee Shop", most people had peppered colour hair. And there's Dan... in this photo... walking ever so fast ahead of us to beat that old lady (on the right) in the line-up to getting a table. Alright, I'm mildly exaggerating.

They had so many choices of pie. I wanted to try them all. We were pretty stuffed so we chose two slices to share amongst the five of us. Sour cream lemon and strawberry rhubarb. I preferred the sour cream lemon. Mmm mmm mmm.

We arrived at KeriGlen (the beautiful B&B of Penticton)  in the evening. I've been to this B&B two years ago and haven't stopped raving about it to friends and family ever since. Elsie and Fred are such amazing hosts. I've only met them twice and both times a mere 3-day trip... and already, they feel like my parents from the interiors.

Their rooms are clean and cozy. I thought it was already amazing two years ago but they've done some gorgeous updates since. Check out one of their showers. It's HUGE. Jet sprays from all different directions. It also includes a steam shower. Luxury at its best.

Elsie knew Bran and Dan were there for an engagement shoot so she left an engagement present in the bedroom for them. How nice is that?

After we unloaded our things and freshened up, we went out to check out one winery before they all closed. We chose Sumac Ridge.

Baby grapes.

Wine barrels.
We did a little bit of wine tasting and a couple of us bought a few bottles of wine. I knew I had my favorites to hit up the next day so I saved the wine buying till later. Instead, I picked up a bottle of truffle oil. I have in my head to make a smooth mashed potatoes and infusing it with a couple drops of truffle. Cannot wait to try...

After Sumac Ridge, we went back to the B&B and just chillaxed there till it was time to go out for dinner. Ahh, the life of vacationing. That was all I was looking forward to... the B&B.  While Allie sat in the big recliner flipping through the stacks of magazines that the B&B provided, Gurm fiddled with his iphone (as he always does), and Bran and Dan were facebooking on their laptop. We were all enjoying our own quiet time in the livingroom when Elsie came in and offered to pour each one of us a glass of red wine.

This is the life. Red wine and flipping through a culinary magazine... One of my many favorite moments. Quiet time.

And when you feel like you needed a bit of fresh air, there was ample on the hillside that the B&B sits on... with a breathtaking view of the Okanagan Lake. It was just steps away from the livingroom when you exit onto their enormous, beautiful deck. The deck is equipped with an outdoors kitchen and BBQ, a hot tub, two dining tables, and a firepit for you to sit around at night time. What more can you ask for...

If that doesn't strike your fancy, then just go out to their yard and play with the B&B doggies, Peaches and Lexie. Peaches is a lot more friendly and loves her belly rubs.

Those are my simple things.

For others, their simple things include the ipad and the iphone. Gurm cannot be seen without one or the other. Haha.

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