Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals - Game 4

Right after work, I booked it down to Rogers Arena.

One of my friends was lucky enough to score tickets to this away game. Yes, we all get to sit in the arena and watch the big screen TV on the jumbotron. And I'm sure there are people who will think what is the fun in that? The thing is, it was practically like a home game. The great big crowd. The live shows and kids hockey during the intermissions. The yucky concession stand food. Fin ruffling the crowd and shooting free t-shirts out of his "gun". The music that keeps you hyped up. The fans chanting "GO CANUCKS GO!". The "Luuuu"ing in unison. The sea of waving white towels. All of this adds up to the atmosphere. And if not any of that appeals to you, then at least rest assure that the cost of your ticket, the whole $10, will go towards charity.

So, if you want to hear a silly "Amie" story which I should title something like "Amie playing tourist", I dumped my car at the City Hall skytrain station. If I want to get downtown for some sort of city celebrations, that's the way to do it. The skytrain takes you right to City Center where "party central" is... and if you want to leave that mess, you can jump right back on the skytrain and it'll whip you out in no time. Anyway, I always manage to find free parking around City Hall. I made my way to the skytrain station.... only to realize....

I'm not going downtown.

I want to go to Rogers Arena. Which is at the Stadium skytrain station. Which... is on a totally separate skytrain line.


Do I walk all the way back to my car and drive to a station of the other line??

No. I skytrained it to the very end of the Canada Line which then connects to the Millenium Line (where Stadium station is). I've basically went backwards deep into downtown when I totally didn't have to. Oh well. I stood around reading the maps and running around skytrain stations.... I totally felt like a tourist in an unfamiliar city. If you live in Vancouver, you'll know why this is silly. Where I parked my car is practically minutes away from the arena. But, to get to the arena, I skytrained it way out of the way... and back. Just to get right to the arena doors without a whole lot of walking.

Anyway, I made it to Stadium and finally made it to Rogers Arena. The second period had just started and the score was 1-0 Boston. Met up with my friends Kat, Ray, Freddie, Al, and Kat's coworker Linda.

Unfortunately, the rest was uneventful to report. They pulled Luongo and put in Schneider. There was a lot of cheering with each of Schneider's saves. But, we all still believe in Luuuuuuu..... He just needs a break.

The game ended with a very heartbreaking 4-0 win for Boston making this series now tied 2-2.

Sigh. Wow.

You're making it harder and harder to BELIEVE!! But we still do.




I was asked if I cheered when Luongo was pulled from net and replaced by Schneider. If any Canucks fan did, then that's saying a whole lot about our fanbase. But it wasn't until after reading several articles and blogs that I realized where that question came from in the first place. Apparently, it was the way that CBC edited the coverage that night. The moment Luongo was pulled, CBC flipped the coverage back to the Rogers Arena where it showed thousands of fans cheering. Okay. I was at the arena. And I was cheering. But not at all because Luongo was pulled from net. Is it not inevitable that when TV coverage shows your home arena that you'd automatically cheer? What kind of headlines would we get if the arena was completely silent?

The negative coverage and the unfair biased stories on the Canucks (poor Lu!) during this Final series has really got to stop.

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