Monday, June 6, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals - Game 3

Game three was an away game. Our boys, the Vancouver Canucks, flew over to Boston to beat down the Bruins.

The plan was to party at Mike's (cousin). Nothing crazy. Ordered a massive amount of pizzas. Shared the beers (although I didn't go with one today). And I found some Canucks cupcakes and cookies just for the spirit of it all.

I had read online that these cupcakes from Fratelli's (an Italian bakery on Commercial Drive) made yummy Canucks cupcakes. Stupid me... I was smart enough to find these online, but not smart enough to check store hours while I was researchin'. So, I drove myself down to Fratelli's only to find out they're closed on a Monday.

Now, with Canucks baked goods stuck in my head, I was determined to find the next place that had them. I remember while reading about Fratelli's, someone had mentioned Moore's Bakery in Kerrisdale. So, might as well make an afternoon trip out of it and took my mom out there for some casual afternoon tea. I ended up picking half a dozen of these cool eats at Moore's.

Just found out... there were way better looking (and probably better tasting) ones at BonBon's (also another Italian Bakery on Victoria Drive). Which is much closer to my place. Oh well. Hah.

The game was ... well. Ridiculously disappointing and ugly. We lost 8-1. Canucks' Rome mad a horrible hit on Horton which lead to a severe concussion for Horton and a four-game suspension for Rome. We all watched in disbelief after Bruin's second goal... then third... then fourth... five... sixth...

We still believe though! We can do it. Whatever happened out there tonight, please don't let it happen again.



Maybe it's time to retire my old jersey. Not bringing much luck!

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