Friday, June 10, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals - Game 5

Y'see... the reason why the Canucks lost the last two games is because I cared too much. Remember my motto of "If I don't care so much, they will win"? (See Game 1 and 2). But, with the Canucks cupcakes in Game 3 and going to the arena (instead of a pub) for Game 4... they inevitably lost. So, for Game 5, I didn't care so much.

I took my time after work getting off at 6:30pm. The game has been playing since 5pm. I didn't bother looking up the score. I was even debating whether or not to meet up with my friends in Chinatown at a new pub called London Pub. But, I decided to check it out. Yes, for the pub. Not the game.

When I got there, I spotted Dan in the crowd outside of the pub. It was already the second intermission and people were outside for a breather. He looked pre-occupied yet wasn't doing anything in particular. I shouted "Hi!" and he sort of looked past me and said "Hey.. Jen's there (pointing in a different direction)... I gotta go to the bank." Wow, such warm welcoming.

I went up to Jen and again shouted "Hi!". She started mumbling. Her eyes darting back and forth. To the inside of the pub. To me. To her husband. Still mumbling. I couldn't make out a word she was saying. "Are you talking to yourself?".

"Yah. Talking to myself," she said.

Then I realized... everyone's on edge. The game has been heartpounding and nerve-wrecking. Stressful isn't it. Oh my.

I saw the line-up to get into the pub. People had to pay cover. And if I got in the line-up, I'd never make it in before the end of the game. I started debating to head over to my cousin's instead. But Jen insisted we try to sneak me in. Gee, when was the last time I tried to sneak in anywhere to avoid line-ups and paying cover??

So, the third period was about to start. We filed in with me sandwiched between my friends. They each flashed the stamp they the got on their wrist. I quickly lifted up my coat sleeve to show a blank wrist... but the security guard nodded and I made it in! Wooo.

The puck drops for the third period and the pub was packed. Great place to watch the game with its many TVs. My heart started to pound. Omigosh... can I even watch this??

All my friends shouted and "Luuuuu'd" at every one of Lu's saves. There was a wall at the pub with a bunch of blow-up Orcas lying against it. A sign on the wall read "Orca Parking Only". Then, magic happened... and Lapierre scored the first (and only) goal! WOoooooooooooooo! The pub exploded. Everyone was screaming and cheering while hi-fiving each other. The blow-up orcas left the wall and began surfing the crowd. It was pretty funny.

Omigosh, how happy we were. We bit our nails and clenched our teeth for the rest of the third period. C'mon boys! Hold it together! And sure enough they did. WE WON!!!!! Bringing the series to 3-2 Canucks. Craaaziness.

We left the pub, got in our cars, and honked our horns all the way down Main St. and Broadway. The whole city was going crazy. I dumped my car at city hall again, and we made our way to City Center. The last time I've been on the skytrain this many times was during the Olympics. The crowd tonight was definitely larger than the past few times I've been down there after a game. You can hear the millions of hand-slapping from all the hi-fives around you. The cops also joined in and hi-fived everyone else. We were hungry after the game so we stopped by Japadog. We sat outside the joint and people watched while we munched on more junk food.



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