Sunday, June 26, 2011

When The Sun Comes Out

We've been having a couple of days of sporadic torrential rain on the days I had to work. Somehow, I lucked out on my day off today with the sun coming out to play. Call me a worry wart, but on my days off, I sometimes worry about entertaining my parents. However, my mom had plans with her friends to check out the city's festivals and then going to a BBQ in the evening. Dad, on the other hand, loves staying at home and dabbling in this and that and he did just that. With parents preoccupied, I guess I get the day to myself. What should I do?

It's my day off so I chose to sleep in. When I woke up, strapped on my runners and went out for a short run around the neighbourhood. Came home and decided to dust off the dust on my weights. What was I to do with weights... I had no idea. It's been a while since I've picked one up. For some reason, the Canada version of So You Think You Can Dance on TV was providing good motivation. Afterwards, jumped in the shower and came out with a little time to spare right before lunch. Ahh, what a good start to a day. Normally, I would have just barely rolled out of bed at this time.

My hair was still wet and frizzy while I slurped down a bowl of bowtie pasta in soup with egg and corn beef (a Chinese combination) that my dad made. Was in my comfy home clothes and was ready to relax a while when Ming messaged and suggested we go for a walk around downtown. "When?" I asked, still eating my bowl of bowties.


I think I still took an hour to finish my lunch and get ready anyway. Girls will be girls.

Downtown Granville St. was pretty packed. Fetival Day. It was the Carnaval de Sol, a celebration of Latin Heritage. We checked it out but in my opinion, nothing to report. Lots of food stands with long line ups. A crowd watching a mini soccer match. A stage with dancing and singing. Festive but nothing that really interested me.

Robson had a lot of summer sales. With nothing in mind to get, I wasn't really tempted to shop. Not for clothes anyway. Tempted to get work pants from Mexx ($30 only!) but already have three pairs of brand new work pants (that I bought all on sale) but not wearing any of them because waiting for them to be hemmed. (Yes, do realize that they cannot be magically hemmed sitting on my chair at home).

The anti-rioters boards.

Bus stop also adorned with messages.

Ming was hungry so we stopped at Gyoza King. Ordered an interesting bento box. Every time we step into a Japanese restaurant, he asks what Calpico is. And everytime, I tell him my best description is "yogurty". I said he should just order it and try it because he's obviously curious. He pondered it for a few seconds and goes, "No, you order it and I'll try it."


After food, we walked down to Denman so I could check out if there's any new shops. On our way back up Robson, Ming was complaining about walking uphill. I already foresaw that by the time he gets home, he's going to fall on the couch and nap. He's kind of like a puppy. You walk him a lot and tire him out... it's inevitable that he'd nap. (Sorry. Too fun poking fun at you). I'm right!

I totally loved being out in the sun. Soaking in all my vitamin D.

Funny... I was downtown, but I didn't get an urge to buy anything until I got home. One purchase that is really long overdue. Let you know what it is and what I did for the rest of the day ... in my next post!

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