Sunday, June 19, 2011


When I said I was the behind-the-scenes photographer at their engagement shoot, that was exactly what I meant. In other words, useless.  With the hockey games previous to this trip, I was pretty exhausted and unamused on my days away. Instead of taking the opportunity to learn to shoot, I goofed off and took a few random shots of the shoot in progress. Without giving away too much of what their amazing engagement pictures are going to look like, this was how much fun Bran and Dan had with their photographer, Gurm.

There is another side to Dan besides manly.
This is when Bran giggled nonstop.

Before this seemingly normal photo...

Bran and Dan battled it out. Whatever their disagreement was...

Got to love Bran's "WTH" reaction to Dan's violence...

Prime seating for the shoot... sitting in the car.
After these photos, you'll realize how amazing Gurm is at what he does. To turn this... into something romantic. Hehehe.

All jokes aside, you can really see the love between Dan and Bran during their shoot. Such naturals!

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  1. that looks fun. you're lucky to have good friends who are real photographers!