Thursday, June 9, 2011

NBA Finals

The initial plan was to go out for dinner. But then there was a change of mind and then a change of plans. Staying in it is. Because... someone's got to watch the NBA Finals.

In the midst of the Stanley Cup Finals, there is also the NBA Finals .( I don't think I've ever watched this much sports in my life. ) I don't know anything about the NBA. What I know about basketball is whatever I remember from gym class back in school. Ball goes in hoop. There are different ways to get one, two or three points. I remember the rule of not "travelling". The term "lay up" sounds familiar. That is pretty much the extent of it. Hah. I think I know less than a handful of basketball player names.

We had takeout pho for dinner while watching the game. Along with answering my milllions of questions, Ming told random facts and tidbits about the players and the sport. Love random stories. Even though I don't remember parts of it. The european guy who was discovered and trained since the age of 16 and has kept his coach since... who was he again??  Actually, I don't think I was told a name. I think it was more like "you see that player over there? And that old guy standing there?...".Oh, and I learned why some of them wear sleeves and only on one arm. Regardless, it was actually pretty entertaining to watch. The game came pretty close near the end. Making the last few minutes the most exciting. Game ended with the win for Dallas giving them the lead in this final series and making it 3-2. And since Ming's rooting for Dallas... then... yay! (Now if only the Vancouver Canucks could do the same tomorrow).

I occupied most of the in-between times playing Plants Vs. Zombies on the ipad. It's addictive. I must have been so absorbed that I hadn't notice that Ming was spending quite a deal of time in the kitchen. I managed to look up (and peel my eyes off the ipad) when he came back into the room with two bowls of "tong yuens" (chewy glutinous balls in sugar water... a Chinese dessert). "When did you make tong yuens?".

"When I was going back and forth to the kitchen."

Didn't notice. This is one of a few reasons why I'm reluctant to get the iphone. I'll become so dependent and too absorbed.

Anyway, the tong yuens were really good. They were enormous in size. Barely fits in my mouth. Filled with red bean on the inside. I tried biting one in half but only almost made a mess with the filling oozing out so I had to pop the whole thing. The sugar water was perfect. Barely sweet at all. Yum! Good job on boiling the tong yuens.

"I made the sugar water too."

Sorry. Good job on the sugar water too.

These everyday simple days really are my favorite.


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