Monday, June 13, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals - Game 6

I traded a shift to get today off just so I could watch the game. I headed down to Original Joe's on Cambie and Broadway to meet up with a couple of friends that have been there since 2pm. The pubs here fill up pretty fast during the hockey playoffs. And especially now that we're in the Stanley Cup Finals, going around 2pm for a 5pm game is just about right if you want seats.

I joined them around 3pm. I had a late lunch so I wasn't even hungry enough to order anything. We waited and waited... this was a time I wish I had an iphone or an ipad. To help kill time. The pub was getting pretty full. We had to give up a couple seats we were saving for our friends so that the early comers could take them first.

5pm rolled around and the whole place was hyped. We had it planned that if we won the cup tonight, we were book it downtown on the skytrain. Convenient being right across the street from a skytrain station. The game started with much anticipation. More and more friends joined us along the way once they got off work.

There were so many close calls in the third period to try to bring us closer to the number of goals made by the Bruins, but we fell really short in the end and lost the game 5-2.

Now the series is tied at 3-3. Bringing us to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals...

No celebrations in downtown tonight. We all headed over to Jen's afterwards and drowned our sorrows in haagen daz and let Barney (her dog) cheer us up.


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